Bahamian Juicin’…for life!

While adventuring around Nassau, I came across a juice bar called Juicin’ for life. I had to stop by and see what they had. I ordered a juice called Refresh. It had apples, cucumbers and kiwi. Refresh was definitely refreshing in the schorching heat of Nassau. So yummy! If you’re ever in the Bahamas, you’ve […]


Serving A Throwback & Some Thoughts

I want to accomplish two things today with this post. 1. Since I won’t be posting something fashionable for your tastes, I’m going to share some of my past outfits. 2. I saw the most relatable post ever today. “7 truths of an amateur blogger”  by fashionablylateleslie.com. So let’s get started with the throw backs! Am I […]


To Juice or Not To Juice

This Summer, one of my goals was to lose weight and get in shape before going back to Southern. I started going to the gym daily, testing out Crossift, and dieting. I started cutting out fast foods and preparing meals for myself. Myself and two other friends would take turns preparing healthy dinners for a […]