Piko, Please

  It’s Monday so the “when you look good, you feel good,” saying must be in full effect. I wore the perfect grey Piko dress with a heavy scarf. I decided to give my calves a little workout today and wear my heeled booties. This outfit was great for my busy day. Luckily, Statesboro weather has […]


Savannah for a Day!

Happy Tuesday! I am finally back in Statesboro. I have missed my little apartment (and the rest of my closet)! Classes don’t start until January 12 so I am preparing myself for the upcoming semester.Today we decided to take a day trip to Savannah! I wore a floral bell sleeved dressed that I found while I […]


The College Girl takes on Coco Cay!

Greetings from CocoCay! This is the first full day of my Caribbean cruise celebrating my mom’s birthday and I can definitely say I’m having a blast. Yesterday was pretty boring and that’s why I didn’t post. I was busy unpacking, boarding, eating, and trying to figure this Wifi thing out. Nonetheless, today we made it […]