Shoulders & Summer


I’ve definitely been sticking to my Summer goal of wearing more colors. I put together this vibrant look with that goal in mind!


I first have to talk about these shoes from Sam Elderman. These instantly became one of my Summer favorites. With the perfect heel and color scheme, I can pair these with just about anything I have in my cloest. For this outfit in particualr, I pair them with my yellow textured shorts from Entourage Boutique.

I remember buying these shorts thinking that I would only be able to wear them a few times. I’ve worn them so many times now and plan to wear them even more! They’re the perfect yellow color, bringing out the same yellow in my shoes. For my top, I went with a flowy off-the-shoulder top from Forever 21. These shirt is everything I’d want in a off-shoulder top. First, the sleeves are just perfect. I love how this top rests on my shoulders, not too tight or loose. Secondly, this color is such a pretty blue. I really like how it paired with my shorts and shoes. And last but not least, it’s a crop top. What else could I ask for?


Grab these adorable tassel earrings from 

 Be sure to visit their page for more accessories just like these. And don’t forget to  use my code Kendra20 for 20% off your purchase!

What are some of your favorite Summer outfits?




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