Scarves For Winter

One thing I love to do as style blogger is go back through my older style posts. I love seeing how my style as emerged through the seasons. One thing I’ve taken note of is how much I don’t wear scarves. The crazy thing is that I have an entire section for scarves in my closet. I used to wear them all the time throughout high school. This is what made me end up having such an extensive collection. I think being in Statesboro for 4 years and dealing with that bi-polar weather kept these scarves packed away! None the less, I pulled one out today to go with my look.

I started with this multi colored scarf that I found at Marshalls a few years back. Multi colored scarves are perfect for me because I can pair them with so many different outfits. On this ocassion, I paired my scarf with this Dark Green Knotted Hem Hacci Sweater from Rue 21. I also wore a pair of Crave Fram High Waisted Jeans from Almost Famous. These jeans fit me to a ‘T’ and I love how high they come up on my waist! On my feet I had to pair this look Hollands Boots from Circus by Sal Elderman.

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