Fall Favorites: Boots

As a December baby, I love when the seasons finally start to cool down. One of my absolute favorite things about the seasons changing for me is the fashion! I love layering my sweaters and jeans, wearing fun scarves, and finding the perfect pair of boots. The perfect pair of boots can add just the right about of flare to any outfit.

Check out my Fall boot favorites below!


Nine West – Vintage America Collection – Women’s Counter Boot

My favorite thing about these boots are the color. How fun are burgundy boots? Sometimes I even wear these are goulashes on a rainy day.

Circus by Sam Edelman – Hollands Boot

These are first pair of platforms boots and I am in love with them.These boots are just the right height to accentuate my legs. I love the color and the leather has just the right amount of shine. The gold and black zipper is the perfect accent!

Go Jane – Where Is The Lug – Chunky Thigh-High Boots

I think everyone should have at least one pair of thing high boots. They can take any outfit from plane jane to glamor girl! I love my thigh highs from Go Jane. They are very comfortable and go with just about anything!

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  1. Laura Walker

    Hi Kendra, some time ago I tried reaching you about a collab but I’m not sure if my mail reached you? So I’m just checking up again with you here in the comments to see if you would be interested. If so you’re more than welcome to write me on laura@blogerize.com to hear some more! Thanks 🙂

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