Fashionably Yours: Apartment Edition

In order to begin the New Year properly, changes are definitely in order! In August, my roommates and I decided that we would have a collage of inspirational canvases and pictures of ourselves. This was a great idea, but we were lacking on pictures of ourselves. After five months of living together, we had tons of pictures together but had yet to print out. Over the Christmas break, I decided that rearranging our collage and adding our pictures was something that needed to be done. Because I didn’t blog our original set up, I thought why not share my process with you guys!


I began by laying out all the pictures and canvasses that I wanted to use. I would always recommend setting up your frames and canvasses before putting them up on the wall. Doing this allows you to see whether or not you actually like your positioning. I ended up changing a few of the pictures when I started added them to the wall to fit the shape that I wanted to create.



I ended up making a more oval shape with the items I had. I think it fits perfectly with the wall and I am still able to add more pictures to expand the shape as the years progresses. What do you guys think?


Fashionably Yours,


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