Each semester I try to prepare much better for the upcoming school year. What I’ve learned having lived in my place is…….organize, organize, organize! I’ve always been a fan of cute space containers and hideaways for all of your stuff. You might remember seeing a few in my previous room changes( 1 & 2) As my organizations and class schedules begin to pile up, it is essential that I have a place for all of my things and that know what I have going on daily. Another must have in my room are pictures of my family and friends. I love taking pictures and having them to remember past memories! You might also remember me preparing to move in and creating this thrifted collage. As I plan to make changes to my room, I’d love to add more to this collage and expand it throughout my room.

What better way to prepare for the upcoming school year and my room changes than with Bed Bath and Beyond? Bed, Bath, and Beyond is always my go-to place for college essentials. When first moving into my college dorm and even my first apartment, that was where I began selecting the themes for my room and bathroom. I choose Bed, Bath, Beyond for their products and solutions that fit my budget and style.

Now let’s get to my changes! My main goal with my purchases from Bed, Bath, and Beyond was to find storage items, organizers, and more to decor to add to my collage. I placed an online order for their Modular Cube Grid in Aqua, Modular 4-Compartment Plastic Wall Organizer in White, the Dry Erase Weekly Calendar Board, and Butch & Harold Classic Stickr Corners in Black (Set of 7). 

Here’s what arrived:


  1. Modular Cube Grid in Aqua – $19.99

Modular CudeIMG_6953

This cube grid gives me the extra space I need while adding a pop of color to my room! What a cute storage space for all of things and super easy to put together.

     2. Modular 4-Compartment Plastic Wall Organizer in White – $9.99



I thought this was a neat idea to hang on my wall. I find myself always looking for my push pins, tabs, and other desk supplies. This wall organizer is a great place to keep all of these smalls items.

     3.Dry Erase Weekly Calendar Board – $9.99



As someone who faithfully uses the calendar and reminder app of their iPhone, having my weekly schedule visible is helpful. I also like the little amount of cork board below it where I can pin a few things.

     4. Butch & Harold Classic Stickr Corners in Black (Set of 7). – $8.99


I love taking pictures with my family and friends. Printing and ganging them around my room is something that I also them to do. These Stickr corners give my favorite pictures a pop!

How are y’all liking my new wall?


Fashionably Decorating,


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