Back2School Essentials

One thing that really keeps me on track and motivated with school is having the supplies that I need. Whether it be a new planner, a new pack of gel pens, or even a new backpack or tote, having the things that I need to succeed always gives me the extra push!

IMG_1580 2

My College Essentials

  1. MacBookMy Mac has become such a staple in my daily routine. Whether it be blogging or working on content for a client, having my Mac is a must! If you are a blogger, you know how special our computers are to us. 
  2. iPadOn my shorter days, I like to have my iPad instead of my Mac. As an Apple connoisseur, I love the iCloud and take full advantage of it. Everything I need is right where I need it!
  3. Colored Pens/Pencil CaseDoes anyone else start off with 100 pens and pencils then no more than two weeks later, they’re all gone? Well, that’s me. I cannot keep up with pens for the life of me. To solve this problem, I have to have a pencil case. We’re in the second week of school and I think I’ve only misplaced one (:
  4. Binders + NotebookAs I’ve gone through my college career, I’ve tried several ways to organize my notes and keep up with my work. What has worked for me the best is having a note book for each class and storing them all in one binder. Doing this gives me the freedom of not having to carry around a huge binder all day. I can just take the notebook that I need to that class.
  5. Tote – It’s actually kind of funny how I came across this bag. I’ve always been a small book bag type of give until this semester. During the first week of classes, a girl in my class had the cutest tote bag that she used to store all her class items. I really never thought about carrying around a tote back, but hers was just so chic! Late in the week, I can across this Rosetti Adrianna Reversible Tote bag and fell in love. The fact that it was this pretty yellow and it reversed in grey had me sold. This tote is perfect for school and work. It even gives a bright touch to all my outfits!


What are some of your college essentials?

Fashionably Yours,



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