Valentines Day Glam ft. Tae Lynn

What better way to be glamed-out for Valentines Day than with an awesome beat? I was able to get beat by the talented Ms.Tae Lynn. Check out her feature below and be sure to checkout my final look here! I kept it pretty simple for this Valentine’s day. I went with my red jumper and pair of chunky black heels. I added my black leather jacket and my look was complete. unfortunately, I was still recovering from the flu this valentine’s day so pictures were sparse. None the less, I enjoyed my movie and dinner date and loved my makeup even more!
Tell me a little about your experience as a MUA.
My experience as an MUA has been amazing nonetheless. I’ve been to so many places, networked with so many people and gained a lot of confidence in not only myself but in my craft as well.
Tell me a little about your brand.
My brand “The Pretty Plug” came about last summer when I went back to Atlanta. I guess you can say that I rebranded myself once I got involved in Atlanta’s Urban Entertainment Industry. It was intended to be catchy. Something that can distinguish me from the many MUAs in Atlanta because as you can imagine the MUA market in Atlanta is VERY Saturated.
How did you get started?
I started here in Statesboro when they first built Ulta here in 2015. I’ve always had an artistic side and I felt this would be a great outlet, to make people’s faces my canvas. I actually struggled with doing my own makeup in the beginning but, I made my clients (or test dummies at the time lol) gorgeous. I could never make myself look like my clients in the beginning stages of my journey which is quite odd.
What are some important things you learned about having a business?
YOU NEED TO BUDGET AND BE A FRUGAL BUYER AND YOU NEED TO KEEP A RECORD OF YOUR INVENTORY AT ALL TIMES!!!!! Especially If you have someone investing in your business. You need to spend those funds wisely and MAKE A PROFIT. I think I learned how to save and budget a lot better even with my personal spending.
What is your favorite thing about doing makeup?
My favorite thing about doing makeup up is making people feel beautiful. When my clients look in the mirror after I finish I literally become overjoyed by their reaction. I don’t do it for the notoriety but to make people feel good about themselves.
Do you have a favorite brand of makeup your prefer? Why do you like that brand?
I don’t have a particular brand, because I have so many. My favorite as of now is MAC Cosmetics because its great for photos and really shows my application techniques well.
What makes you stand out as a MUA?
I don’t have a particular brand, because I have so many. My favorite as of now is MAC Cosmetics because its great for photos and really shows my application techniques well.
Where do you want your business to take you?
I plan on making my brand GLOBAL! I am traveling to the UK and Spain this summer and I definitely plan on building a network in Europe. You never know who you can meet and put you in a position to grow.
Do you have any advice for upcoming MUAs?
My advice to upcoming MUAs is to study your desired craft before you try to build your clientele. Study things such as color theory, theatrical applications, SFX Makeup etc. and try to enroll in a course so you can be more knowledgeable about what it is you’re doing. Also don’t get caught up in the hype. If you know you can’t afford MAC or NARS find an alternative. There is nothing wrong with using beauty supply store makeup as a beginner.

Contact Info:

Facebook: Tae Lynn (The Pretty Plug MUA) / Pretty Plug (business page)

Instagram: @taelynnmua / @theprettyplugmua (business page)


Phone: 470-262-9670

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