Daring Denim – HCGS

I think its been about a month since I’ve posted and it’s felt just like it! From the Holidays to preparing and getting situated with the new school year, I have been exhausted. I’ve also been feeling so very uninspired. I cleaned out my entire closet and reset my room. I think putting away a lot of my junk has reset my mind. My brain has to get used to things be so very orderly in my closet. None the less, I am back and ready to share some great things with y’all! I’m starting a new tag, “Daring Denim”. Within this tag, y’all will get to see how I style my denim jacket!


Now that I am back in school, I am back in the swing of things with my organizations! This week was our organization fair and I wanted to rep Her Campus Georgia Southern with style! I started out with my staple piece — my Old Navy denim jack. I was going for a dark rugged look. Our chapters team shirts are black so I went for my black high-waisted jeans. On my feet were my lace up booties that I found in Ross and my look was almost complete. To go along with the dark rugged look I wanted, I went for a dark lip. I think this color was Old Muave from Absolute New York.




Fashionably Yours,





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