Layered Up

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I haven’t seen my overalls since earlier in the semester. I’ve been digging my way through Goodwill after Goodwill to find the perfect long length pair  to distress ! They’ll come to be one day. Until then, I wanted to showcase a cool way to layer your short overalls in the winter.

When I was planning out this look, I started by deciding on my sweater. My short overalls are a dark jean-ish wash so I wanted a sweater that wasn’t too bright. I am still in my neutral color phase and my olive-green sweater was already on my mind. I think I thrifted this sweater somewhere in Augusta, I’ve had it for so long. It used to be a lot tighter and  shorter, fitting almost perfectly on my shoulders. I didn’t really like how tightly it fit, so I made a few adjustments. I removed a few threads and gave it a stretch from around the neck. I did thus to loosen my sweater enough to let the sleeves hang how I truly wanted.

I knew that I wanted to showcase some type of layers on top of my overalls so I went for my favorite flannel. The greens and dark reds matched perfectly with my sweater. I also wore my duck boots with a pair of burgundy socks. The only thing I may have added to this outfit was a pair or sheer stockings or maybe even a scarf. I love playing around with layers and these neutral colors.

What do y’all think?

Fashionably Yours,



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