Homecoming: Game Day



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Let’s talk about these pants. Where do I begin? Bell bottoms or wide leg pants have been trending for a while. I was finally able to get my hands on a pair and I am in love. I never realized how flattering bell bottoms were until I first tried them on. They hug in all the right places. As a devout lover of high-waisted pieces, I can appreciate how well these bell bottoms fit from top to bottom. The brand is Vibrant and I found this particular pair while shopping through some options on Ebay. You do have to create an account to navigate their site, but you can also find more of their collections here.

I wanted to go for a soft, comfy, stylish yet messy look for this game.  I went through my sweaters looking for a heavy enough sweater to keep me warm but also match the look that I was going for. I found my beige and brown specked sweated from JC Penny a few black Friday’s ago. I usually get my sweaters a few sizes larger, this one was an XL. I really wanted a loose, off the shoulder sweater in this same color. Time was running out, so I made the adjustments myself! I took a few threads from around the color of this sweater, gave it stretch, and it turned into the sweater I had in mind! I loved how oversized my sweater looked sitting off my shoulders. The last things I did to it was roll the sleeves.

My bell bottoms were a little long, however I did not need to get them hemmed. Originally, I thought that I would wear these low wedges to give me a little boost off of the ground but I ran across a pair of my cow girls boots. I can’t even remember the last time that I wore these a pair in my collection. I was a cow girl boot fanatic in my earlier years. I just love how they look with jeans and even with a dress or skirt. I went for a tan pair that I bought some years ago from Ebay. I wanted the tan tips to peek out from underneath my blue bell bottoms. All in all, I really enjoyed putting this game day look together and wearing this outfit! The color combos just shouted — Hail Southern!


Fashionably Yours,




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