Professional Day

This past Tuesday was the College of Business Administration’s Professional Development Day event. During this event several companies like Ross, Enterprise, and TEK Systems came out to present seminars specific to the umbrella of majors in the College of Business Administration. Their seminars ranged from Career Advice and Trends, Getting Started with Bloomberg, Branding Yourself, and Social Meida Ettiquette. As a member of Delta Sigma Pi, we were required to volunteer this event so I had to make sure that I looked the part.

I wanted to keep my look simple and professional so I started with my grey blazer. I thrifted this light blazer from Goodwill in Statesboro. I have never owned such a light blazer! This being my first time wearing it, I can see myself pairing it with my other business skirts and even dresses. I’ve been enjoying Fall colors so much that I wanted to incorporate them into my look. I went for my green high waisted slacks form Forever 21 and my beige top. On my feet were a pair of Bucco Belva tan sandals. I wore my glasses and kept my jewelry simple by just wearing my Michael Kors watch.


img_8140 img_8143 img_8156 img_8159

Fashionably Yours,




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