T-Shirt Time










Is there a way to be cute while rocking your organization t-shirts? I do think so! Being so involved on campus requires several t-shirts and several organization fairs. I decided to share with you guys how I stay fashionable in my organization tees!

As President of Her Campus Georgia Southern, it was my duty to put on a fun and effective interest meeting for potential members. My self and the HCGS put on a Pizza&Potential Members interest meeting which had a great turnout! Our HCGS t-shirts are already cute. My suggestion for anyone wanting to dress up a t-shirt is to find the colors of the shirt. Lucky for me, I had a cool pair of blue/purple parachute pants. The color of my pants went almost perfect with the colors of our shirts. When I was planning this outfit, I knew that I wanted to wear my black heels. I tucked my HCGS shirt into my pants, rolled the bottoms into a little cuff and was all set for the event.

My second fashionable t-shirt experience was with my fashion organizations, D.I.M.E.S. This organization was apart of the Student Org Fair which was held during the second week of school. With this event being outside, I was hoping for an outfit that would keep me cooler. My D.I.M.E.S t-shirt is black and white with our blue insignia. I was already thinking of wearing my overalls and I really liked how they turned out with my t-shirt. I tried to make my org shirt into a crop top but the fabric wasn’t stretchy enough to tighten it how I wanted around my waist. I’m sure that I could wash it a few more times to get the desired look. I let my overalls hang to one side to let the D.I.M.E.S insignia to show and added my lace-up gladiator sandals.

It’s not hard to dress up your t-shirts! Try it out for yourself.

Fashionably Yours,









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