Thrifted Finds: Mom-jeans Monday



“Start each day with a thankful heart.”  I’m not sure where I saw this quote today but I needed it. It is important to start your day with a  positive mindset and a thankful heart. This positive attitude will rub off on your peers and keep you grounded. Now let’s get to my look.

Isn’t it great when you start to see growth in something you’ve been working on? I remember the first time I attempted a DIY pair of denims. It was close to a disaster. Several YouTube videos and Goodwill trips later, I think that I’ve got it down packed. A major help I’ve found in creating the perfect tattered look is throwing your jeans in the washing machine 2-3 cycles. I bought two pair of jeans from Goodwill. A light wash that are Faded Glory and a darker wash that are Levis. I went with the lighter wash pair today with my beige crop top. In the blazing sun, this top looks almost white, but it is indeed a creamish beige color. Almost all the pants I thrift are a little big in the waist, so adding a belt is a must. I went for a dark brown belt and my black sandals to complete my thrifted mom-Jean look!


Fashionably Yours,



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