DIY Apartment Decor

DIY Apartment Decor

I always look for ways to refresh my surroundings as a new semester approaches. One thing that I’ve noticed myself enjoying is color in my spaces at home. As you may have seen, my room and even living areas are both very colorful. I love coming home to bright decor that will wake me up and keep me in high spirits. One area that I felt could use some revamping was the kitchen/living room area. My roommates and I had racked up a good amount of bottles that needed to be thrown away. Before we through them away I remembered seeing a neat craft done with empty bottles on Pinterest. It didn’t seem too hard, so I gave it a try.

Check out my easy DIY Apartment Decor!

What you’ll need:

Empty bottles/vases

Craft Paint

Plastic flowers

Sisal Twist Rope

*I found all the items needed at my local Dollar Tree.

  1. Have some old bottles or even vases that need a makeover? Wash them out and peel the sticker off.
  2. Get painting! I am in no way an artist or DIY pro. I used a sponge to paint all over each of my bottles. Using a sponge was a speedy process that got the job done. You can always chose to use a paint brush for a different texture.                       IMG_7526 IMG_7525 IMG_7524 IMG_7523
  3. Let them dry!
  4. Add your rope. Cut off about 5-6in of the sisal twist rope and wrap it tightly around each bottle neck.                                                                           IMG_7532 IMG_7533 IMG_7535
  5. Add your flowers and position the bottles as you want. Here’s my before and after:

IMG_7528 (1)IMG_7639


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