Thrifted Finds : Flamenco Feels

This shirt always caught my eye with its beautiful sleeves and neck details. It immediately reminded me of  Flamenco dancers. These dancers adorned themselves in vivid colors, their gowns accented with ruffles. All I was missing was a string of peals and a rose in my hair! Having seen this top so often, I knew that I had to get my hands on one. Finding the right store was my first task. Boutiques from Augusta to Statesboro all had this shirt but for about $60-$70. The color choices were endless, but my bank account was not. My Flamenco top would have to wait.

This past weekend, my mother and I went thrifting in Statesboro and Claxton. Guess what caught my eye again? My top! Not only was it just my size, but I fell in love with this bright teal color. I paired it with a fun pair of shorts by Nicole by Nicole Miller. I found these shorts about two summers ago at JC Pennys. All of her collection feature great printed shorts, though they do run somewhat big. I am usually a size 3-4 and these shorts are a size 2. On my feet were a great pair of  Blue/Aqua Sueded thick-heeled pumps. I wore these shoes to my junior year prom and they are still the most comfortable pumps I own. These LimeLight brand shoes I found at RackRoom. Google this brand! They have some cute thick-heel options if you’re not a heel expert (like me).

Stay tuned for next week’s Thrifted Finds!

Fashionably Yours,



  IMG_6828 IMG_6836 IMG_6820

Fashionably Yours,


Thrifted Finds


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