Year 2: Completed

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It seems not that long ago that I started my research on several fashion and style blogs. I was bookmarking sites like Fashion Bomb Daily and Brown Girl Bloggers searching for inspiration to start my own blog. It feels lke 100 blog layouts, 2000 pictures and several typos later that here I am. Two years later and here I am! has grown so much over this. From my own personal style growth, to my blogging technique, graphics editing, and even my photography skills, I have seen growth in all areas of being a blogger. So what does two years mean to me? Two years tells me that I was able to actually stick to something I created on my own. Two years shows me how much dedication it takes to be a blogger. Two years is only the starting point for me.



As always, continue to Fashionably Follow me!


Year 2 Completed

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