There is power in accurate representation. When I first began blogging, I was amazed at how many black women had their own blogs. When you search #fashionblogger or even #collegefashion, you may a see a few chocolate drops here or there. It was not until I really began diving into my own blog, conducting my own research, and putting myself out there did I see how many other amazing black bloggers there are. There are multiple blogging communities dedicated to black women. Brown Girls Bloggers, Clutch Magazine, and even Black Girls Killings It are all great online communities for black women.  Try searching #blackgirlsincollege or even #blackgirlblogs and see the impeccable style and knowledge that black women showcase. I say that to hopefully encourage others to support myself and these women. I’ve been blessed enough to mentor others who look to become a part of the black blogging community. I always make sure to tell these women to have their own voice whether it be in fashion, traveling, or just lifestyle. Find your niche and expand on it. I love nothing more than see black women online showcasing their thoughts. As a #blackgirlwhoblogs, I do feel it is my responsiblity to positively represent myself and my community just as those whom I look up to now continuously do.


 IMG_6054 IMG_6062IMG_6059

Now, let’s get to my look! I’m so stuck on Fall colors lately. I need to bookmark this outfit so I can wear a similar version of it in August. On a side note, I love having fashion friends that happen to wear the same size as me. They are the absolute best! None the less, this cute grey crop top matched perfectly with this button-up corduroy skirt. This skirt is awesome, There is soo much I can do with it. On my feet are a pair of booties that I found at Citi Trends for $13! You might remember them from my Military shoot. I really liked how this outfit went together. Take a look at some of my fashionable friends. All shades of beauty and pure #blackgirlmagic.



Fashionably Yours,



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