Fashion’s Military Fascination Pt. 1

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It’s Friday Eve and I’m working on my very first project for my Fashion Fundamentals class. This project required us to select a topic from the book and create either a visual representation for the lesson, a Good Morning America segment, or a documentary. At first, I was really unsure of what topic that I wanted to or even where to start. I was really interested the fashion adoption theories. If you are unaware of what the fashion flow theories are, there is the upward, downward, and horizontal. The upward flow theory is the one that stuck out to me the most. In this theory the innovation is initiated from the street, so to speak, and adopted from lower-income groups. The innovation eventually flows to upper-income groups; thus the movement is from the bottom up. An example of this is military style. Because many of my family members were in the military, I definitely felt that I could get an interesting perspective on military style and how they felt about civilians wearing it. I decided an investigative documentary would help not only present the lesson, but also be entertaining and interesting. So, I started to ask questions and do my research. You might be surprised to know that although having a military jacket or combat boots are a staple piece in our closets today, this trend has been around for hundreds of years! Be on the lookout for my completed documentary on Monday. I’ll share some picture from my look with you guys.

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Because I am centering my documentary around military fashion, I decided that I would dress wear my own military green. I wore a green military jacket with a darker green crop top. I loved this little turtle neck crop top. It goes so great with my denim jeans. Speaking of denim jeans, I had a little DIY moment last night when I was deciding what to wear. I already knew that I wanted to wear this military jacket but I really wanted a high-waisted pair of ripped jeans. I lucked out on about four pair of high-waited pants over Thanksgiving break. I figured that I would pick a pair and distress them. I think they turned out pretty well! On my feet a a great pair of heeled booties that I found at Citi trends. How are we liking my military styled look?

Fashionably Yours,



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