Serene Sunday

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It’s always fun finding one statement piece and then the rest of the outfit miraculously comes together. This is what happened when I found this great paisley blazer. I ran across this blazer while thrifting in Augusta.  I loved the colors and figured it would go well with some slacks or even a dress. This blazer stayed in my closet for such a long time that I almost forgot about it. Luckily, I was reminded that it was there when  friend of mine gave me a few pairs of slacks that she didn’t want anymore. The Focus 2000 green pair stood out to me the most. I really liked the fit of the pants and they went great with my tan pumps. I knew then that my blazer had to match with them. Thankfully my blazer was multi colored and went great with my light denim collared shit.

I really enjoyed how this look came together. I wanted to research more on my thrifted blazer. I found out the designer  is Toni Garment for C.C. Magic. This designer made a ton of retro sweater, blazers, and even pants. I wouldn’t mind getting a few more pieces from Toni Garment!

Fashionably Yours,



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