Let’s Get Ready to Interview!

Over the summer, one of my main goals was to get a job. I applied to several on campus openings and off campus retail stores. Depending on the job position, my outfits have  ranged from business casual dresses to rompers and skirts. Yesterday, I had an interview at Maurice’s here in Statesboro. They had a sales associate and assistant manager position opened. Already having retail experience and having working within the same company (Justice), I was excited to be able to get any retail experience possible.

When thinking about what I wanted to wear, I considered the type of clothes that Maurice’s sold and I also thought about what I wore to my Justice interview. Whenever I go any retail interviews, I try to incorporate my style into my look. Working in retail not only requires knowledge about new trends, but also having your own personal style. Over the fourth of july weekend, I found something I love…..a romper! Not just any romper, but a summertime long-sleeved romper. I’m always on the lookout for long-sleeved romper that I can wear in the Summer.

IMG_4775 IMG_4773 IMG_4771 IMG_4769 IMG_4764

What I loved about this romper is just about everything. The pattern is gorgeous. You can easily dress up or dress down this romper. I chose to just wear them with my new pair of gladiator sandals. (background on these sandals:) I’ve been searching for a tan pair of tall gladiator sandals that weren’t $50 like the ones I had seen online. I found these cuties at Citi Trends for $10! I felt so accomplished walking out of that store that day. None the less, they paired perfectly with my romper. Another thing that really made me love this romper was the length. I’m not a stickler about something being too short, but it is reassuring when your find a romper that doesn’t leave your cheeks hanging out! (:

Overall, I loved my interview look and so did the interviewers. I was immediately given complements on my shoes and the pattern in my romper. I can’t wait to hear back from them.

Fashionably Yours,



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