It is(was) my Blogiversary!


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This past weekend, I was proudly able to say that I stuck with CollegeGirlKendra for an entire year! This fourth of July, CollegeGirlKendra turned one year old. I honestly never thought I would still be blogging under the same name today. When I originally even thought about creating a blog, I had a number of fears that kept me hesitant. I thought that it wouldn’t be accepted by many people. I thought it would be too hard to keep up with and not be as beneficial to me. Thankfully, with time, I learned that my assumptions were wrong. Having this blog has opened many doors for me. I was able to start interning for College Fashionista as a Style Guru. I joined a great on campus organization, Her Campus Georgia Southern. I started out as a weekly contributor and then later was named the Vice President. I learned very quickly that having a blog on your resume is beneficial in several ways. If you’re a fashion marketing major, having a blog is not only a great way to showcase your style but is also a great way to prove your commitment.

Having reached a year, there are several areas where I can say that I’ve grown as a blogger. Looking at pictures from a year ago compared, there are major differences. If there’s one thing that I truly enjoy as a blogger, it’s editing pictures. I love ‘setting the mood’ for all of pictures. I’ve also noticed growth in my writing as well. I think that having my internship has definitely helped me in that area.

Well, now that CollegeGirlKendra has reached it’s first year, what can you expect for year two?

More..more…and more!

I want to do so much more with my blog. I started off today with changing up my layout. I made my own header (which I think is pretty cute). I’ve trimmed the fat off of my blog. I simplified it more just to give my readers the good stuff. Be on the lookout for new outfits, features, and videos in the next year.

Cheers to year numer two!

Fashionably Yours,




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