Friday : From Day to Night

It’s Friday! Let your outfit show it. I think I’ve been a harem pant addict this week because that’s all I’ve worn. I never really thought I could pull off harem pants. Hence, why all of them were tucked away in my closet. Today, I decided to wear a pair of my light purple/lavender harm pants with a paisley top. When I was looking at how this outfit together, I thought about how easy it would be to change the occasion with this outfit. From day to night or from class to girls-night-out, I figured it would be fairly easy to play with my look today. The main difference in my look was what I wore on my feet a few added accessories. For my class look, I just wore a pair of tan gladiator sandals. For my girls night out, I simply added my favorite pair of wedges and red purse. It can be simple and easy to dress up or dress down your Friday look.


Edited #1 cffaa576-5e3e-4ab6-963a-57a4b34dc17d_zps3nojpmqb edited #3 edited #4  78  Can we all appreciate my attempted hair flip?6edited 5


Fashionably Yours,


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