Make A Statement!


I love statement necklaces. They are perfect to add that little pop to any outfit. Yesterday, I found some cute statement necklaces at My Story for 99 cents! Where else can you find the perfect statement necklace? Let’s talk about it!


Fashionably Yours,



  1. alexisandathina

    Woooaaaahhh! We really enjoyed your post about statement necklaces- so cute! We like to blog about fashion as well so maybe you will find our page interesting, check it out at and if you like it, give us a follow!
    have a great (and as always, fashionable) day!
    -alexis & athina

  2. Doris

    Hi, I definitely love your statement necklaces. I am in SE Ga. Could you please tell me what My Story is. Sounds like road trip to me.



    1. collegegirlken

      Of course! My Story is a boutique in the Augusta Mall. Their clothes are gorgeous but highly priced….just like any boutique. They have a l o t of accessories and statement necklaces but their 99 cent jewelry rack is where I always head to first!

  3. Doris

    Thank you for letting me know. The next time someone tells me they are coming to Augusta, I will ride along just to go into My Story

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