Serving A Throwback & Some Thoughts

I want to accomplish two things today with this post.

1. Since I won’t be posting something fashionable for your tastes, I’m going to share some of my past outfits.

2. I saw the most relatable post ever today. “7 truths of an amateur blogger”  by

So let’s get started with the throw backs! 34fa20_4ae5eaa29d4e6c39b1e96a0810a75755 IMG_1910 Am I hot or cold? The world may never know. Anyways, I took these pictures while I was at Southern. I was in limbo of whether or not I wanted to blog my styles or just post them to a wix. None the less, you can check out my  attempt here  Nexttt…

7 truths of an amateur blogger!

If you are a fashion blogger, you must read this post. It extremely funny and truthful. Let me share my truths (and echo some of Leslie’s)!

1. I haven’t worn one of my outfits posted out, oops (with the exception of maybe one or two). I’m home for the Summer, taking four online classes, so my days consist of going to the gym, juicing and cleaning my juicer, looking for something to post on here and completing assignments all day (exciting). Once I get back to Southern, what you see is what I wore for the day..promise(:

2. With that being said, I should definitely start talking more about Southern. Why collegegirlken? Well, I am a rising sophomore at Gerogia Southern in the Boro. I am hoping that I can continue this blog throughout my years at Southern. Currently, I am at home in Augusta so that’s why you don’t see much about Southern YET. Once I start apartment shopping, moving in, and diving into my classes…I will definitely share more about it. I don’t post about my Summer classes because…they’re pretty boring.

3. I wish I had a personal photographer…but I think my mom, my friends, and my little remote are definitely doing a superb job. Having said that if anyone has some tips of making it easier to take pictures with a Canon Rebel….LET ME KNOW. I’m drowning in a pool of out of focused selfies..

4. I really do not like taking pictures by myself (really?) YES. I would much rather take pictures of other people, having dressed them myself. I never feel like it looks how I want it look, but if it’s another person I can prep them as I please. That’s why (if you’ve seen my Wix, there are mostly pictures of my roommates. But I digress…I’ll google ‘How to be a model’ and fashionably carry on…

5. It IS nerve-wracking that I share this blog with so many people. I think that is one of the reasons why I may have put this off for so long…the fear of how people would accept it. I’m not sure what made me get over it, maybe it was just time. If you haven’t shared your blog with your friends and family, you should. It will surprise you how many people will support it.

6. I don’t know why but this blog feels like a job….a good job that I enjoy. I get sad when I don’t post something because it is my duty to serve the people with collegegirlken’s fashions…daily (jk)

7. Oh yes, I cannot forget to completely copy Leslie’s spell check truth. What would I without the almighty spell check. I’m really not sure. so thanks wordpress and thank you spell check!

Don’t forget to check out her post and see her seven truths as well!!

Fashionably Yours,

thecollegegirl ❤

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