To Juice or Not To Juice

Fruits of NatureThis Summer, one of my goals was to lose weight and get in shape before going back to Southern. I started going to the gym daily, testing out Crossift, and dieting. I started cutting out fast foods and preparing meals for myself. Myself and two other friends would take turns preparing healthy dinners for a week or so. We got our meals for @fitmencook and other Instagram accounts dedicated to healthier meals. We also decide to dive into juicing. If you haven’t heard of juicing, first let me say that it is very tedious. You do have to buy ALOT of fruits to maintain this healthy hobby, but I can definitely say that it is worth it.

Before I started juicing (seriously), I thought it was a mess and that I would never find time to do this. I thought that I would never find the right fruit/veggie combination that would taste good and fill me up. Thankfully, I was given a book ( The Juice Lady’s Living Foods Revolution by Cherie Calborn), which provided me with hundreds of juicing recipes. I used this book and google to prepare the first week of my juicing test. I think my first juice was an apple lemonade. It had two green apples, half a lime, and cucumber. I started off very simple, fearing that too many fruits/veggies would not taste too good. I would make the same juice and add some leafy greens all the time. After researching juicing, how to juice, what to juice, I learned that doing this was not as effective (bummer). In our to gain the most from juicing, you have to try a wide variety of fruits/veggies. I started to try weird combinations like kale, apples, oranges, celery, cucumbers. The weirdest combinations that I’ve created are the yummiest actually.

I started my juicing diet by juicing all day and having one healthy meal. Day one was horrible and it was supposed to be. If you choose to do the diet as I did, it takes about a week for body to get accustomed to just juice all day. You’ll think you’re starting, but I researched and found that if you are hungry just make another juice. You can have about 4-7 juices a day. While I was on this diet, I juiced before and after the gym, and I had 2-3 juices before dinner. I lost about 4.5lbs in two weeks, doing this and going to the gym every day. I say “while I was on this diet” because my Grandmother came to visit us and of course she cooked and wanted to eat out often. I definitely fell off of my diet, but I’m getting back onto it. I plan to post the juices I make and my progress on this diet I make to this blog in hopes that y’all will try it! Summer is the perfect time to get your body right so let’s do it!

Fashionably Juicing and Fashionably Yours,


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